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2023 is here and Paycare now has many upgrades which allows

parents to access funds easier than ever!

                         We remove the financial barrier between children and the best possible outcomes

by paying parents' expenses in the following areas:

Education/Extra-curricular, Transportation, Stable Housing, College and Healthcare!

Click here to Join & Get Started Today! 


*Our Paycare Home service is expanding

Beginning 10/01/2023!!

Families in rural areas can receive up to $50K 

in renovations to their homes!

Seniors age 62+ can receive $10K 

worth of renovations, for FREE!

Beginning new fiscal year 7/1/2023!

All Paycare members will participate in updated

Credit Literacy training



*Also, Make a Donation to a Child in Need!

Click here to donate!

P: 336.897.3008   F: 336.282.3797     

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