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Paycare Program "We Put a Stop to the Facility Hop!!"

Yes, We dare to say that our Benefits are Brilliant!! We feel quite confident that you will more than agree after reviewing our list of Benefits:    


Payment Protection

Paycare Facility Benefits:

*Parents' fees can be paid directly to the facility

*Annual Membership fee is less than $1 per day

*Ability to Refer Past Unpaid fees to Paycare Program database

*Ability to receive parents' fees for services when parents cannot pay

*Paycare Program's Unique System to return Past Unpaid fees to your facility

*No More Worries for our members due to consistent flow of income for services

*Up-front ability to check childcare payment histories, which protects your facility's income

Paycare-Plus Parent Benefits:

*Annual Membership fee is never out-of-pocket

*Ability to receive 'Pay Incentives' to pay fees when parents cannot pay

*Parents' fees can be paid directly to the facility

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