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Compensating Capital

Compensating Capital:

Where our Working Capital gives you access to funds which grow your business, Compensating Capital provide funds to be kept on deposit to let your company move forward from its Strongest position possible

CDs deposited on behalf of your company in the bank of your choice for a period of 1 to 3 years! CDs begin at $50K and up. The bank will be fully informed that funds cannot be used as collateral nor can they be placed into your checking account. They are solely for the purpose of strengthening your position with your bank when seeking financing! You must be able to qualify for the bank loan on the merit of your business and credit!

 Benefits Include:

*No Repayment

*No Credit Check Involved

*Business Can Be A Start Up

*Can Be Used As Many Times As Needed

Simple Process:

*Complete 1-page application

*Pay up-front fee to Cagle Collins Group (5.5% up to $1mill; 4.5% for $1 mill or more)

*Cagle Collins Group contacts your bank to set up the CD (we verify that bank is FDIC insured, that the national average interest rate be paid on the CD, and that funds will not be collateralized)

*Cagle Collins Group will contact you to inform you that the bank is fine & your payment will be put through (client fee will be refunded if bank not FDIC insured)

*Cagle Collins Group will send you the final 3-page agreement to sign & return via fax/e-mail

*Cagle Collins Group will set up your CD within 10 business days or your fee will be refunded

Money-back Guarantee:

*Your CD will be set up at your bank on behalf of your name within 10 business days or your money back

Now Announcing!!

No Trusted Banking Relationship? Use Ours! 

Cagle Collins Group has the exciting new announcement of how we are now able to provide Line(s) of Credit to any business at any Stage!

We End all Frustration of Lengthy applications, piles of paperwork, long processing periods, and low likelihood of being Approved!

Our Investors bolster the strength of our clients in 2 very creative ways utilizing our current, strong Banking Affiliates: 

(1) Strategically Matching the Established Business clients' loan proposal with the best suited Bank for quick and strong approvals

(2) Creatively Enhancing the strength of our Start-Up clients’ corporations for quick approvals

*As with all Cagle Collins Group Services, Funding is provided repeatedly via Renewal/Rounds as long as clients pay down their balances!

*We utilize reputable, well-known banking affiliates such as US Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank!

Benefits to our Clients:

Easy Application and Very Little Paperwork! (Photo ID, Business License, Organizing Documents, 6mos bank stmts,* Credit Card stmts,* 1-yr Tax Return)

Our Process does not pull down your Credit Score!

Funding in approximately 35-45 Business Days!

Once in Program, Receiving a .25% fee to ‘pay it forward’ by allowing other applicants to partner with THE CLIENT’S business for funding!

*Owner has the option to select an Officer of their business as the Signor in this process!

*Client controls payments by writing checks for the amount they need as they need it!

*Funding Amounts: $25,000 to $600,000 , in several rounds of funding!

Applicable Fees include:

$2900 Up-front, non-refundable Administrative fee to Cagle Collins Group

****note: $2900 Processing Fee is NEVER PAID until client is Pre-screened to qualify for Credit Line(s) and/or Credit Builder Program (for credit scores less than 700)!


Established businesses require a 700+ Credit score (takes the 35-45 business days) 

**(Can take up to additional 90 days if less than 700 Credit Score)

Individuals may also apply

We do Process Start-Ups!   *note: We do require a 700+ Credit score for Start Ups 

|Integrity                                                                      |Execution                                                             |Vision

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