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Paycare Program 

Our Paycare Program is a membership-based program which supports our childcare and child-education facilities, centers, schools, and agencies by ensuring that they are best able to provide quality care and education to infants and children, through the 12th grade. As a result, Paycare Program offers unique payment-protection services specifically customized for the childcare and child-education Industry. 

Paycare Program Overview

Paycare Program has developed a comprehensive Program which will ensure that your facility receives its fees from parents. When we say fees, we mean past, current, and future fees!   Paycare benefits include:   

  • Referring Unpaid Fees to hold non-payers accountable (Current)
  • Our Unique and Successful Process to recover past unpaid fees (Past)
  • Ability to knowing parents' childcare payment histories (Future)

Paycare Program Simple Process:

Step #1: Join by Completing and returning our Membership form for each site for which you

Request to be serviced.

Step #2: To Refer Parents to receive a Pay incentive for your facility:; Click’ Members’ tab; Click ‘Submit Unpaid Pmts’ tab

(enter the information, then submit)

Step #3: To Inquire of a Parent’s Past Payment History:; Click ‘Members’ tab; Click ‘Pmt History Inquiry’ tab

(enter the information, then submit)

Step #4: To Recover Past Unpaid Fees:

Our office will also partner with parents owing past fees to your facility by offering to provide Pay incentives to your facility on their behalf and also supporting their child up to senior year in high school.

You never pay out of pocket as we simply pay you the collected amount minus our fee.

Simply click on our ‘Submit Unpaid Pmts’ tab


When you Request Parents’ Past Payment Histories, you receive our easy-to-read Payment History Report (of that parent’s payment history specifically regarding educational fees/payments).

This Up-front report is provided to you quickly so that you are informed and empowered at the point of enrollment. Below is a sample of what the Report looks like:

Parent Full Name: _____________ Parent info: _____________________

Child’s Full Name: ____________ Child’s information: ________________






Green = Good Standing/Not Report Yellow = Beware Red = Strong Caution

This Payment History Code Report is Free

Full-Detailed Reports are available for $2.00

          *This, of course, allows our members to do the most important work there is: Educating our Children!  

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