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Paycare Program "Payment Protection for child-focused Businesses!"

Paycare Program is quite proud of our service offerings to child-focused businesses.  

Paycare Progam realizes that child-focused businesses need more than just customized funding; They need to eliminate the threat of future unpaid fees and to recover past unpaid fees. It takes a combination of all 3 service offerings in order to fully strengthen child-focused businesses so they can focus on the critically important work     of educating our children.

Our services address each of these critical areas by protecting and increasing the income of childcare businesses via: 

*Tracking reported unpaid fees and recovering those fees to ensure facilities financial strength

*Providing childcare businesses with up-front childcare payment histories of parents enrolling their children

*Providing customized 'Ongoing Access Now' funding to childcare businesses.

 We Serve all types of Child-Focused Businesses in the U.S. and Canada!

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