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Equipment Leasing

Cagle Collins Group offers Start Up Options for Restaurant, Medical and various Industries via our Equipment Leasing Programs! We work with challenged credit, process quickly, and can fund from $5,000.00 to $250,000!

Restaurant Programs

We are able to finance existing locations, second locations, expansions, and even brand new start-up locations.

We will finance equipment that other lenders refuse to finance. This includes, tables, chairs, booths, sinks, walk-in coolers and freezers, surveillance equipment, even hoods and duct work and fire suppression systems.

We can provide working capital for construction, permits, advertising, etc.

Please call us for any of your food service equipment financing needs.

Medical Programs

We work closely with your equipment vendors, contractors, and architects to keep your new office/ practice opening on schedule.

In most cases, we can issue any necessary deposits to all of your equipment vendors on your behalf, keeping your cash flow concentrated on other practice needs, like payroll, pharmaceutical inventory (veterinarians & dermatologists, optometrists), marketing, etc

Deferred Payment Programs: Let us offer you 90 days before your first payments are due.

This will enable your practice to generate Accounts Receivable insurance reimbursements before your monthly payments begin.

We offer credit decisions in as little as 24 hours and we can finance the ancillary items like: Extended Warranty & Service Contracts, Shipping & Installation costs, Staff Training costs on newly acquired equipment; including EMR and Billing software.

·          $300,000 Application Only ( No tax returns required)

·          Start ups and new practices welcome

·          Ambulatory Surgery Centers

·          Relocation and Expansion specialists

·          New, used and refurbished equipment

·          Imaging

·          Diagnostic

·          Physical therapy

·          Chiropractic

·          Veterinarians

·          Lasers

·          Optometric

Take advantage of our Master Lease programs and combine both your medical equipment plus your new office equipment purchases:

·          Furniture

·          Phones

·          Computers (including Cabling)

·          Software

·          Intercom & Alarm

·          Staff Kitchen

Expansion Medical Equipment Leasing

Provide us a list of your currently owned medical equipment and We can fund you based on its market value! Even better, we can provide FREE credit clean up for any medical professionals who have credit challengesl! 

 Equipment Leasing For Various Industries 

Equipment leasing is when the equipment you are approved for is purchased for you, then delivered and installed at a time specified by you, then rented to you at a flat monthly rate for a specified number of months with an option to Purchase or Exchange equipment in the end. 

This Program's Process is:

*You include your equipment list, making sure to include all set up, shipping, & installation fees.

*You complete the 1-page application, specifying the TERM and LEASE TYPE that you want

*Once approved, the equipment will be purchased and delivered/installed at the time you specified

*You make montly payments based on the terms you chose

Types of Leases under this Program:

* The $1.00 Buy Out:   You can buy out the lease for $1.00 to fully own the equipment with no trade in option

*Fair Market Value:      You purchase at the market value of the equipment during the time you use it.

*10% Purchase:
          You make lower payments during the lease because you agree to pay 10% of the

                                  purchase price at the end of the lease in order to own the equipment at the end.

*Purch or Renew:
        You have the advantage of taking the IRS Depreciation deduction and can either Purchase

                                     the equipment for a pre-determined sum or you can Renew your lease at

                                    a pre-determined % at the end of your lease.

At The End of this Program's Lease:

*You Can Purchase the Equipment

*You Can Extend the Lease or go Month-To-Month

*Turn In the Equipment and Lease New Equipment

 ***NOTE: Once you are approved for equipment, we go one step further to get you working capital as

                   long as you have been operating 1 year or more.


Cagle Collins Group does not require collateral, but for clients who own assets, simply utilize our

ASSET-BASED LENDING: Meaning we will evaluate your collateral and fund you based on the market value

                                     of your Equipment (we fund up to 70%), Inventory (we fund up to 50%), or

                                     Receivables (we fund up to 85% of the value).

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