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Paycare Program "Payment Protection for child-focused businesses !!"

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Payment Protection

 Welcome to our National Paycare Program! We invite you to learn exactly how we support families and ensure childcare and child-education businesses thrive via our Payment Protection Services. Our Program serves the United States and enables our members to focus on what means most: Educating Children!  

As a family-focused NC non-profit for 25 years and member of the North Carolina Licensed Child Care Association, our Paycare Program is proud to be selected in 2019 by a Private Family-Supporting organization to consult with families and all types of childcare and child-education facilities by providing access to Funding Support services which enable our children, up to senior year in high school, to receive the best education possible! 

Our Members-services include: 

*Unique Process partners us with Parents to pay past/current fees to your facility.

       PARENTS have an entire membership-year to replenish Pay Incentives to the

                                                         Family Fund so that

                                                  other families may also be helped


                                          to access future help when needed!

Our Passion to ensure the education of children stems from the fact that our parent company, The Adult Day & Respite Care Center, is a state-licensed and State-regulated non-profit which has met the needs of families within our community for 24 years. since 2005, we researched the challenges facing child educators and families and As a result, our staff has a deeper understanding of and allowance for the daily financial obstacles which often compromises a child's access to the best education possible.

Thankfully, our non-profit has been selected to partner with a private family-focused organization which shares the same passion and vision. Consequently:

  *Child receives a quality education without disruption.

  *Child education facility receives its fee to provide a quality education.

  *Parent receives peace of mind knowing their bill is paid.  



Paycare Program is not a Lender.

We are a non-profit Program which remedies situations where parents ALREADY have a bill due or past due to childcare or leasing facilities, in order to ultimately ensure that their child(ren) have access to the best education and/or most stable housing possible.

We simply allow access for the (childcare or leasing) bill to be paid NOW to relieve both the facility and parent, while giving the parent up to an ENTIRE YEAR to replenish our "Family Fund" to:

(1) access additional funds ('Pay Incentives') over the course of ONE YEAR via their Paycare Card.

(2) To allow assistance for as many other families as possible.

**Note: Our "Family Fund" does also provide access to funds for Childcare and education facilities in

10-15 business days!

To Join Today, Go to our "Member Portal" Tab


Please Call our Offices at:

7 Corporate Center Court                             5605 Hilltop Road

Greensboro NC 27408                             Jamestown NC 27282

Ph#: 336.457.3751                                 Ph#: 336.897.3008

Fax#: 336.852.8333

Upcoming Events:


Announcing Free 30-sec Commercials for all facilities on Wednesdays! Call to sign-up today!!!



*In such uncertain times, We are very Proud to offer Services which provide Peace of Mind to both Parents, Tenants,

Child-Education & Leasing Facilities across the United States:

We Are Providing Critical Guidance to our facility-members to access the FREE & TEMPORARY

Government Funding available to all childcare & education

facilities, to ensure they thrive during this challenging time.

ALL Parents at all income levels can have fees paid directly to our facility-members for them during the COVID-19 Crisis.


*Once COVID-19 Pandemic ends, know that Paycare will be right here as a PERMANENT solution for Supporting parents, leasing & child education facilities, and children by Providing access to child education & housing fees on behalf of Parents and paid directly to facilities who join Paycare!  

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