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Parent's Frequently Asked Questions

If I need more time than 12 months, can I have more time?

-Yes! We can protect a parent's payments up to 48 months to meet their "Family obligations".  


Will my background be reviewed?

-Yes, but don’t worry about that! We can help all parents as long as their information is verifiable. Our Program is not credit-focused & your credit score is not affected due to 'soft' credit inquiry, to verify info!

Other than my membership fee, are there any other fees?

-No! There is no up-front membership fee! You will simply pay your current obligation (a small premium + transaction fee 'rolled in') to enjoy payment protection to meet your bills, should you become unable to do so!

                   Paycare Provides for peace of mind for your family!  

What are the 2024 Program Upgrades that everyone is talking about?

-Upgrades include: 

*Consultation to address parents' Bill for their child(ren) with terms up to to 48 months!

*Bill can be paid, directly from our office, on behalf of families.

*Previous $5,000.00 maximum amounts now increased to $20,000.00 dollars!

*Parent's credit still goes unaffected (soft pull), but now 'reimbursements' also build their credit!

*Ultimately, Parents can receive multiple "Pay Incentives", simultaneously! 

*"Non-Eviction Leases" can guarantee Tenant's rents after 1st 2 on-time payments!

*"Fresh Start" Credit Builder guarantees approvals with No Credit-Check & No Interest(Special offer)!


What are the interest rates if I need more than 12 months?

-ALL Families enjoy 'payment protection' for bills they normally pay, up to a maximum of 48 months, with a no-interest option if retired within 12 months! If you need more than 12 months, which is PAST your 12-month membership period, the interest will be specific to your situation. 


My pay history is weak so can I get a "Pay Incentive" to pay my child’s bill?

-Yes! We can help all parents as long as their information is verifiable since our Paycare Program is not credit-based!  Again, your credit score can be in the 500's and will not be affected.


What if I don't prefer the Program's 'reimbursement' feature, but want 1-time assistance for my family?

-Our 'Reimbursement' feature is no longer in effect, due to families simply having up-front Payment Protection, which will takeover families'

payments should the family become unable to do so.  One-time-assistance requests will be forwarded to 2-1-1 for access to local assistance.


Does my membership cover all my children in my household?

-No! Paycare membership type is per child with no set limit to the number of "Pay Incentives" which can be paid for that specific child over the course of the 12-month membership period. There is no limit on the # of facilities which can be paid for each child.


Once I join, does my facility also have to be a member?

-Yes! Only Paycare members can receive direct payment of Paycare funds since we provide funds directly to the facility the family owes!

If the facility is not a member, we will still help your family, but payment will be continued, on your behalf, via our 'non-member" protocol.

*No Worries! We can typically get the facility set up within a day or so, once we inform them we are prepared to

  pay your and any other parent's "Pay incentives" directly to them from our "Family Fund"!


Is there anyone that Paycare Program cannot help?

-While our program is wonderful, we have traditionally focused on parents and/or caregivers of children.  Fortunately, beginning in 2024,

everyone can participate in the New Payment Protection 'Pay Incentive' , USDA Home Repairs and "Fresh Start" Credit Builder Programs as long

as their information is verifiable, they  meet Program Eligibility, with no bankruptcies/liens or incarcerations.

As always, our parents/customers can typically meet their obligations, are experiencing a temporary financial challenge, and need assistance on a 'from-time-to-time' basis, over their 12-mo membership period. Paycare Program  is not set up to assist families in need of on-going assistance.


What exactly is a "Pay Incentive"?

-The Support Payments provided to families, via our Paycare Program, which function to prevent and avoid late payments because payments are protected and can be paid, on behalf of families, to address their obligation(s) should the families become unable to do so.   We now PREVENT the worst-case scenario from happening, in the first place!

Is there anything else I should know?

-Yes!    1] Families receive a FREE Paycare card which allows you continued access to "Pay Incentives" during your  1-year membership!

             2] Families also have the option to access multiple "Pay Incentives", simultaneously, on a case-by-case basis!

             3]Families can also enroll for our USDA "Housing Repairs" for rural homeowners and  "Fresh Start" Credit Builder Programs!


*The above also applies to all Paycare Service Areas Below:

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