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Paycare Responsibility Policy

As a condition of maintaining the funding obtained in 2019 by Paycare Program, our process has built-in responsibility:   


*Only businesses who are licensed or have a verifiable Tax ID# can join and receive Paycare funds.


*Paycare does not eliminate a family's responsibility to their child; We simply assist the family to lighten that responsibility 

by addressing their bill, up to 90%, should the family become unable to pay their bill. 

*Families do not repay Paycare Program; Instead, families pay their bill(s) as normal during their 1-year membership period, with the added benefit of their bill(s) being paid on their behalf, up to 90%, should they become unable to pay.

 *Families can enjoy 'payment protection' feature in various areas: Housing, Childcare (up to grade 12), College, Transportation, and Medical

as long as they remain in 'good standing' with our Paycare Program by having no past-due bill(s) with a Paycare 'facility' member. 


Paycare is not a lender.

No debt is ever created by Paycare for any family as families already have an obligation by the time Paycare gets involved.  

We are a non-profit with a "Pay-It-Forward" Concept instead of a for-profit with a "Pay Me Back" Concept.



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