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Paycare Home

removes the barrier between any child and access to the most stable housing situation possible! 

We are so very proud of this addition to our Core mission to remove the financial barrier between children and their

best possible life outcomes!

Paycare Home

Because home is where the heart is!!

Providing all parents access to ensure stable housing

for their children!

To join Today at 'No-Risk' & 'No Up-front' Cost,

Click: "Begin Membership" (Facility)

"Begin Membership" (Parent)


Call Phone#: 336.303.1208!

*As of Nov 15, 2023, Homeowners may register

for home repairs up to $50K ($10K free for seniors 62+)

Simply Click the icon below:

As of January 2, 2024

Paycare introduces:

The "Non-Eviction" Lease!

to all

Landlords and Tenants!!

(Commercial & Residential)

Click Here for details

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