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Ready, Set, Credit!

Paycare is thrilled to share the opportunity with everyone who wants to build their Credit story or rebuild their Credit history! 

So! Are You Ready to select from 1 to 3 guaranteed approvals,

with no interest for 6-12 months (limited-time special) that can also  PAY YOU $250 to $500 at the end of 6 payments or $1,000 after 12 months?


                                                        If So, Let's Get Started!  

                                       (*see details below!)     

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How Paycare "Fresh Start" Works!

                          Paycare "Fresh Start" has arrived to (Re)Build Your Credit!

                               No Credit Check, 98% Guaranteed Approval, No interest (Special)!

                                    Eligibility: See link + No Bankruptcy/Liens, or Incarceration

                                                                                  3 Easy Steps:

                                                                      #1] Simply Join Paycare!

                                  #2] Select the level and # of Approvals you want (up to 3 max)!

                                      #3] Select the desired "Fresh Start" Plan of your choice!

                           (*You pay the service fee in 6 easy installments which are positively reported on your Credit report!)

                          *If you select 3 Approvals, you also receive $250 to $500 in savings!

                                *Click This Link to enroll today to Build or Rebuild Your Credit!

                                                                           Ph#: 336.303.1208  

                                                     *note: Our Program does not remove past items from your Credit Report

Contact Us

Whether you are building your credit story or rebuilding your credit history, Let Paycare help!

Phone #: 336-303-1208 

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