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​​Parent/Family Eligibility

* Be a Parent/Caregiver of underage children

*Non-parents are welcome to enroll through April 1st!

*Monthly income of $1,920.00 or more 

(Any income source allowed)

*'Starter' Program for scores down to 500

*All Information provided must be verifiable

*Must have checking account at a brick-n-mortar bank

(Virtual and online banks are not allowed)

*Must have a positive checking account balance 



Facility Eligibility

*Submit a valid business license or verifiable Tax ID#   

*Submit a business checking account, for funds deposit

or choose to have funds mailed                                         


      "Ongoing Access Now" Funding Eligibility:

            *400k+ Credit Score

                                       *$10K Gross Monthly Income 


*note: Facilities may join by clicking a service below


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