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Facility Frequently Asked Questions

Will the parents I refer have to pay any fees to get started?

-No! There is a $125 annual membership fee, but it is NEVER Up-Front for any parent even though their bill is addressed, on their behalf to your facility, within 3-5 business days!

Is there a limit to the number of times I can refer a parent to you?

-No! Your 1-year membership entitles you to refer the same parent as many times as you need to do so.  There is also no limit to the total number of parents to refer within your 1-yr membership!

How much is the Paycare  membership for my facility?

- NO Cost for 'Starter' membership and No Up-Front,  Out-of-Pocket Cost for Full membership! Though membership is no longer required, Joining Paycare entitles facilities to receive an unlimited # of 'Pay incentives' (Past and Current) on behalf of an unlimited # of parents, paid directly to them. *If you choose to join, your annual membership is FREE and transaction fees are never out-of-pocket, as we simply withhold any fees from the funds we pay to your facility on behalf of  the parents you serve! In short, Paycare essentially pays your fees for you!

To begin receiving 'Pay Incentives', facilities can select between:

1) 'Starter' Membership in which there is NO FEE to your facility! However, 'Pay incentives' will be paid directly to your parents who then are

in control of what is done with the funds. * [Yes! We assist your Parents even if you don't join!]  *Complete 'Facility Membership' Page

2) Full Membership in which 'Pay incentives' are paid from our office directly to your facility via mail or account deposit. You are in control.

- Facilities are not required to pay their Paycare membership out-of-pocket so simply join for each site and begin receiving 'Pay incentives' today!

     *Full Membership Benefits

-Facilities can refer parents/customers who have left owing them in the past, as well as current parents/customers!

-Facilities receive Paycare as an enhancement to their current 'Staff Benefits' packages!

-Facilities receive funds paid directly to them within 3 to 5 business days!

-Leasing Facilities can now receive 'Non-Eviction' leases for their residential and commercial tenants! ($125.00 per site)

-Facilities have access to receive short-term funding with credit scores down to 400 accepted! 

   *['Starter' members must pay $125.00 admin fee to apply for funding]

   *To join and apply, Complete 'Facility Membership' Page

Once I join, do my parents also have to be a member?

-Yes! Only Paycare Members can access Paycare 'Pay incentives'

 *No Worries! We can get the parent quickly set up with no up-front fees!

                           We provide the parents a FREE membership card to request repeat assistance!

                           We also inform the parent that we provide support through the child's High School Senior Year!

How do I refer a Client to pay my facility?

-Simply complete a Referral Form and either email it to or you can fax it to fax#: 336.2823797.

  Click here for the: Referral Form 


Do my parents have to repay the fees?

-NO! Parents do not repay our Paycare Program, but they must be responsible for their bill; So, they are automatically given up to 12 months (or more) to reimburse their personal "Family Fund" for repeat access to the funds over their 12-month membership period! Parents can have up to a 48-month timeframe which allows their Family to easily move forward as your customer while YOU receive your 'Pay incentive' on behalf of your parents!

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