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Paycare Program provides customized funding for our members!

Inquire about our 'Line of Credit' beginning at 7.99%     

How to Qualify for 'Ongoing Access Now' ('Oan')Funding? 

   Simple Qualifications for members:

*The facility must have been operating 6 months or more

*The facility must have monthly revenue of $10K or more

*The facility must have consistent revenue of $5K - $10K monthly (Starter funding)

General Features Include:                                                  Required Paperwork:

*Member Funding throughout facility's life cycle                         *Valid Identification

*Easy 1-page application                                                                 *Voided Business Check

*Up to 2-yr repayment terms                                                           * State or Business License

*Monthly payments                                                                            *Bank Statements  

Receive Our Customized funding for childcare centers: 

1. Join Paycare

2. Call our or Click on "Members" Tab, then "Member-Only Funding" Tab to request

and receive our simple 1-page application (with instructions)

*By Day 15, We directly deposit funds into your business account!

Obtaining Our Application is Simple:

          Click ('Members'tab, then drop-down to 'Member Funding'tab) to request an application.


Call our office at phone#: 336.457.3751 / 336.553.1670

and we will send your an application to begin the process!

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