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Our Mission:


As promised, we have now expanded into our Paycare Program whose mission is to make sure that finances are no longer an obstacle standing between any child and the most stable childcare, education, healthcare, transportation, housing possible; And to bridge the relationship between the parents and the facilities who serve families with children.

Paycare Program has been selected to receive funding to provide the highly-demanded 'Pay incentives' to pay  expenses, for families with children, directly to the facilities that serve those families.


We understand that any facility must be paid so that it can best operate and provide quality services.


We also understand that getting behind one month (or more) on expenses can be quite difficult for parents since we serve 

families who are above the poverty line, gainfully employed, have car(s), housing and can typically pay their bills. 

However, an unforeseen circumstance has caused a temporary inability to pay their bill, on time.


Via 'Pay Incentives' from the "Family Fund" dollars,

Paycare Program partners with parents, who are members, to address their bill now and supports our facility members so they receive consistent payments, directly from our Paycare Program!

(Goal: Finances no longer be an obstacle to any Child’s best possible life outcomes)


Parents with a Paycare membership can have repeat access to 'Pay incentives' for more time to pay expenses! 

 Parents’ fees are paid via the “Family fund” dollars so the parents have an entire membership-year to replenish the funds

to help other families and to repeatedly access funds in the future if they have another need.


The facility/company receives payments, directly, and can continue to operate.


 Paycare Program ensures that there is no disruption to the child's situation.


                                                                                                         ******************                                                                                                                                                     Your membership fee is never an up-front cost and we do repeatedly assist parents for an entire membership year, 

on an 'as-needed' and 'time-to-time' basis!



Please note that we also provide a 3-day (calendar days) Cancellation Policy for all families!


You will also receive your FREE Paycare membership card in the mail for repeat access to future 'pay incentives' as you also replenish our "Family Fund" so that funds are available to your family in the future and so that we can help 

as many other families as possible!



                 How Our Paycare Program Works:


Our Program is very unique in that it is a 'Pay-it-Forward' process

in which families receive Support Payments from our Family Fund

and sign our 'Parent Promise' form to replenish the Family Fund for

repeat access to the Support Payments and so other families may be helped!

We are also pleased to share with you that all parents who join Paycare

enjoy NO INTEREST as long as they retire their ‘Pay Incentive’ within

90 to 120 days! After that time period, interest will be included.


Since it is our intention to assist you with multiple ‘Pay Incentives’ over the course

Of your membership year, retiring each of your ‘Pay Incentive’ in 3 months is ideal!



So, Welcome to Paycare and let’s get you started receiving ‘Pay Incentives’!!

*Need more time than the 12 months? we can accommodate you!

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