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Paycare Program has been selected to work with parents  to create the required, customized Plan (Same day or Next day) which qualifies our parent-members for the highly-demanded "Pay incentives" to pay  expenses during a temporary setback.

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#1]  While Paycare does not eliminate the parent's bill, our "Pay Incentives" do assist with paying parents'                  fees when they need additional time to pay an expense for their child! We can assist several times during                their 1-year membership!  

#2] Paycare helps parents access "Pay Incentive" funds to pay fees directly to facilities that serve children,                 which prevents stress on the parent and prevents disruption to the facility's income!  

#3] Paycare also positively builds the parent's credit by reporting their reimbursements to the Credit Bureaus!


#4]  Paycare also rewards families with a Free Paycare Card for repeat access to "Pay Incentives"!        

#5] Families do not repay Paycare Program; Instead, families "reimburse" back to themselves to enjoy repeat             access to funds during their 1-year membership period.  *Families' "reimbursements" benefit their own                   family while funds are matched, making funds available to 'Pay-It-Forward' for the next family!  




                                                                  Always help the next one in line; Always be humble and kind     

                                                                                         Click Link Below for Inspiring Video:                                                    



Paycare is not a lender.

We were selected to consult with families to obtain "Pay Incentive" funds to meet their expenses.  

We are a non-profit who strengthens families via our "Responsibility" Policy & "Pay-It-Forward" Concept.

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