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For a 'Risk-Free, No Up-front-Cost' Membership

Call us today at 336.897.3008

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To Begin Having (daycare/school, rent, college, auto & medical) Payments

Made on Parents’ Behalf Multiple Times, Yearly!

(For children, birth to college)



Paycare is not a Lender.

We are a non-profit which remedies situations in which parents already have a bill due or past due for their child(ren).

We do this by providing the parent the ability to have their bill addressed NOW, to relieve

both the Facility and the Parent while, ultimately, ensuring that the experience

of the child(ren) goes uninterrupted.  

See Our Paycare Process!

Home of the 'Pay Incentive'!

*Assistance is available multiple times yearly for Parents and Facilities to enjoy!

Step #1: Enroll if the following is true for You:

Simply be a Parent, have $1920+ monthly income, have a checking account at a traditional bank/credit union with a positive balance, and make sure all information you provide to our office  is verifiable.

Step#2: Enjoy Your Immediate Benefits!

With Paycare, families enjoy:


*Our 'Responsibility' Policy gives families a year to pay their bill (via reimbursement) as we do not eliminate their bill, but simply address their bill, now, to avoid negative consequences to each family. 


*Funding amounts are determined by what the family can reimburse, given their specific situation.


*Our 'Pay-It-Forward' Concept allows families repeat access to funds when they reimburse funds back  to themselves, which are matched by our donors to assist the next family.


*Families have 3 calendar days from each Request date to cancel and their information is never shared or sold. 


*Families' credit score is not the determining factor when seeking a "Pay Incentive" from our Program due to using

'soft' credit inquiries to verify each family's information!


* As of January 2023, reimbursements are now reported to the Credit Bureaus to build families' credit!  So, only after funding is accepted, is a true credit inquiry done. 

Step#3:  Let's Get Started with Your 'Pay Incentive'!

Paycare 'Steps In' to ensure the Bill is Addressed:

*Once Parent completes membership Pages 1,2,3!

*Once Parent submits: Newest Paystub/Income 

                                           Newest Bank Stmt (all pages)                                                             Valid Photo ID

                                           Debit Card (front/back)

                                           Void Check/Deposit Slip 

*Once received, a Specialist will follow-up with You for    processing!

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