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New In 2024! 

Paycare Program's Payment Protection "Pay Incentive"!

Now prevents & avoids late payments for families by providing Payment Protection to their bill, to continue their payments should they become unable to do so! 


Home of  the Payment Protection "Pay Incentive"!

*Supporting Working, Middle, Upper-Middle Class Families across the United States*

(Paycare no longer waits until after the problem, We now prevent the problem!)

                   We are a health & family services NC non-profit serving the needs of                                    (Working Class, Middle Class, and Upper-Middle Class families)

                                                                  by providing 

                                             The 'Payment Protection' Pay Incentive to

           Support to families BEFORE they experience health & temporary needs!

                                                We Support in the areas of:         


                   (medical, daycare/school, rent, college, automotive)  



                                             *Membership Information:


                          Click to see 'How-It-Works' For Families & Facilities!

                            Click here to see if a Family or Facility is 'Eligible'!

                  Click to Join! [Parents]                        Click to Join! [Facilities]        

                                                                                                                                                          Call Us Today at:

                                 336.303.1208 [To Speak with our Specialist]   


                               *Due to an alarming # of Family Eviction requests,

                                                  funding will primarily focus on:

                         Landlords & Renters now enjoy Our

                                 "Non-Eviction" Lease 


                                                             How Families Are Helped

                           No more embarrassment, threat of court or lock-out for Renters!

                               By protecting families' rent payments for their lease term!

                                                      How Landlords Are  Helped:

                               No more frustration, loss of time or money for Landlords!      

                           By providing payments should a family become unable to pay!

                                                           Click Here to get started

           Paycare no longer waits until after the problem, We now prevent the problem!



                                 2024 USDA Home Repairs Grant!!

                                      Rural Homeowners receive House Repairs!

                            Repairs up to $50K at only 1%, with $10K Free if 62 yrs+

                              *Click this Link or Call us today for more information!

                                                              Ph#: 336.897.3008!

                                      "FreshStart" Credit Program!!                                                            

                    Paycare "Fresh Start" has arrived to (Re)Build Your Credit Story!

                   No Credit Check, 98% Guaranteed Approval, No interest!

                                                                      3 Easy Steps:

                                                             #1] Simply Join Paycare!

                                      #2] Select the # of Approvals you want (up to 3 max)!

                                    #3] Select the desired "Fresh Start" Plan of your choice!

                        *If you select 3 Approvals, you also receive $250 to $1,000 in savings!


                            *Click This Link for details to Build or Rebuild Your Credit!

                                                                 Ph#: 336.897.3008  

                            *note: We do not remove past items from your Credit Report


'Ongoing Access Now' Business Funding

Businesses can join today can obtain funding for your business on an ongoing basis, for very little paperwork and within 7 to 10 business days!

Once funded by our

 Paycare Program , you may select additional funding each time you reduce your balance!   

'Non-Eviction' Leases also for
Commercial Tenants!

Paycare Program invites

Commercial Management Companies can join today to access 'Non-Eviction' leases for your commercial tenants, which allows you to receive payments should your commercial tenants have a challenge making  their lease payment.  



$10K Free Home Repairs Seniors in rural North Carolina!

 Paycare Program was selected in 2023 to now work with the USDA to provide access to

$10,000.00 in home repairs

for rural homeowners

in North Carolina

who are 62+ years old!  





Creating a

Bright & Colorful Future


For Families

     with  Children!!


Join Today


      at No 






    Cost to



Other Services

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